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  • “We began with one employee from Hired Gun and found this resource to be competent and committed to both completing our requested tasks and to improving his capacity to add value. We had not anticipated this level of proactivity and it has served us well. In addition, the quality review and supervisory follow-up has been exceptional”-

    Samantha Mendis, Ektic, USA
  • “I save more than 60% on every web developer I hired from Hired Gun India.”-Gerard Neil, FSC Software

    Ben Fox,USA
  • “Hired Gun India is like a boon for startups. You get to save about 50%-70% on hiring and human resources.”- David Ross, Founder, Xtorm

    Owen Alex,USA
  • “I hired a team of software developers and graphic designers through Hired Gun India. They understood me very well and most importantly they could work with minimum instruction from my end. I am able to take care of other tasks related to marketing and business development because I know my team is capable of handling other operational ones on their own.”-

    Omen Haven, VP, Scleris, UK
  • “The best part about Hired Gun India is that it doesn’t feel like outsourcing. They are your employees who are dedicated and work as per your instructions.”-

    Adam Love, Vinksiy, Netherlands
  • “I just feel like the level of expertise and knowledge that Hired Gun India has really far outweighs the other companies that we’ve worked with in the past.”-

    Anna Koshy, Australia
  • “My experience with Hired Gun was quite amazing. I needed a team of data entry operators on a very short notice. I got some of the best employees and that too at zero hiring cost. I ended up saving about $50,000 on each of them.”-