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What is Hiredgunindia.com all about?

Hired Gun India is a platform wherein you can hire a single or a team of professionals of the skillset you require for your project. These virtual employees work remotely from our office in India as per your instructions. They render complete

Is it like Upwork? Do the employees work from home?

Hired Gun India is not like Upwork or any other freelancing website. Professionals you hire from us work from our well-equipped and fully functional office in India under your instructions. They do not work from their home.

What do your services include?

To review our services, kindly go to our SERVICES sections and get to know about it more.

How do I get started with your services?

To start with, you would have to provide us with a detailed job description that also includes qualification, years of experience, domain expertise, skill set, shift timings, etc. for the position you seek to fill. Our HR department will then use this information to source suitable candidates for you, and submit the most relevant resumes to you after scanning them. You may even assign tests to the candidates, especially for the technical positions. Finally, you personally interview the shortlisted candidates, and if satisfied, hire them.

Since my requirements are unique can I handpick the right talent for my company?

Absolutely, this what makes us so unique! You can handpick the candidates for your requirement. You can supervise the entire process of hiring, from selecting the resumes to conducting the interviews to designing the technical test. You can lead the process of hiring in whichever manner you want.

With a dedicated employee do I need to worry about his payroll and taxes?

Our Finance and Accounts department takes care of all financial issues pertaining to the employee, while overall Hiredgunindia.com takes care of all other non-work related issues.

Can I hire a team of mixed skills?

You can mix and match skills within the same team as well as across different teams. In same team for example, within the Internet Marketing team, you can hire an SEO expert for 4 hours, and a PPC expert for another 4 hours. Across different teams “You can mix and match skills across different teams. For example, you can hire a PHP developer for 3 hours, an SMO expert for 3 hours and a Content Writer for 3 hours (but, of course, this would be pro-rated to include the cost of the extra hour).

Which domains and skills sets can you get me?

We can provide you with dedicated Virtual Employees in any skill or domain, including niche and rare skills.

I want an employee proficient in English. Can you get me one?

We can get you exactly the kind of employees you want. English speaking or technically sound or any other criteria that you would want to be fulfilled, we would do it for you.

Who is a Dedicated Employee?

A dedicated remote employee is a resource who works exclusively and dedicatedly for just one client at a time. This virtual employee functions like an in-house resource and the client can interact and collaborate closely with their dedicated employees just as they do with someone they have hired locally.

Can you provide highly skilled and technical employees?

We do exactly that. We provide you skilled, trained and qualified employees for your requirement.

Will the employee I hire via Hired Gun India be employed by me or you?

Your virtual employee is legally employed by us but works directly and exclusively for you (the client) from our supervised offices here in India.
Can I hire part time employees?
Yes, you can.