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Company's Overview

When you collaborate with Hired Gun India for your human resource needs, it basically means having your own branch office in the country, in a fashion similar to what half of the other Fortune 500 companies of the world do. We help you hire the best talents from the country for your work who would be dedicatedly handling your work as per your specifications.

About Hiredgunindia Employee

How Virtual Staffing Helps Your Business

Reduced Overhead Cost : Running your company virtually enables you not worry about renting an office space, purchasing furniture or paying bills for various utilities. We already have the required infrastructure for your hired employees.

Greater Scalability No matter if you have to increase the number of employees or you experience sudden growth in your business, we are here to fulfill all your requirements related to staff and infrastructure for them. You can anytime scale up your business without having to shift to a bigger office space. Flexibility With a virtual staff at your hand you can work more flexibly. You can either choose to hire employees on contract basis or full-time, as per your requirement.

Lower HR Infrastructure With virtual staffing your do not require to have a big HR team or recruiters for hiring. Hired Gun India handholds you through the entire process of hiring your team members and also aids in managing them.

Witness Control With a team of employees which is being managed by Hired Gun India, you can focus on other aspects of growing your business, such as sales, marketing or branding. You would be free from the task of human resource engagement activities, calculating payroll, etc. We would do it all for you.


  • When you hire with Hired Gun India, you get your employees with the only difference that they are on your computer screen.
  • You have absolute control over your project and unrestricted access to contact your employees anytime.
  • It is like having a locally hired employee and you wouldn’t really be able to feel the difference.
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Why Choose Hired Gun India

  • No Recruitment Fees
  • Select from a Talent Pool of employees
  • Trained and Skilled IT Staff
  • Remote Office and Infrastructure Utilization
  • Same Time-Zone Working Hours
  • On-Site Supervision
  • Live Work Monitoring
  • Assured Data Protection & Security